Snoop Dogg ousts Elon Musk as Twitter users decide new leader of the platform

Could Snoop Dogg be the new Twitter CEO? The rapper’s new survey rules in favour of the platform having a new Doggfather. 

Snoop Dogg users have crowned a new leader of Twitter, as users flock to the platform to decide its fate following Elon Musk’s potential ousting. News of the billionaire’s departure from Twitter — which he’s owned since his $43 billion acquisition in October — emerged after he conducted a poll on the site, questioning whether he should relinquish ownership of the platform. “Should I step down as head of Twitter?” Musk’s poll asked.

The question attracted some 17.5 million respondents, with the majority (57.5%) agreeing that the Tesla founder should step away from the Twittersphere. While Musk accompanied the post with the promise that he “will abide by the results of this poll”, he later Tweeted that users should “be careful what you wish, as you might get it.” A mere hours after Musk’s poll, Snoop Dogg conducted his own Twitter survey, simply asking users “Should I run Twitter?

Credit: Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic


Snoop’s poll has so far garnered over three million responses, with an overwhelming majority (81%) ruling in favour of the Doggfather’s acquisition. Unsurprisingly, Twitter reacted in typical fashion with an onslaught of predictions should the rapper actually take the reins, largely posting memes about the platform’s potential weed-ification. Snoop himself re-Tweeted the posts, which all but enshrines them into his future business plan. 

It’s not the first time the legendary rapper has toyed with the title of Twitter CEO. In May, during the height of Musk’s legal saga involving his inevitable Twitter takeover, Snoop laid out a roadmap of his visions for the company — including plans for every user to get a blue verification tick — accompanying the business model with the hashtag “WhenSnoopBuysTwitter.”  

The impact of Musk’s poll in actually determining his fate at Twitter remains unknown. The tech mogul has faced consistent criticism, including from author Stephen King, over his rapid changes to the company in the weeks since his formal acquisition, and last month admitted that he might step down since he “frankly [doesn’t] want to be the CEO of any company.” In the meantime, enjoy the absolute dumpster fire that is Twitter with the best reactions to Snoop’s potential takeover below.