Strawberry Fields announce the return of their Low Income Ticket Program

In case you missed it, Strawberry Fields are gearing up for possibly their biggest event ever.

Their 10th anniversary event has been officially slotted for November 16-18, and now the organisers have announced the return of their hugely popular Low Income Ticket Program.

strawberry fields low income ticket program
Photo: Strawberry Fields on Facebook

Low on clams but want to make Strawberry Fields’ 10th anniversary? Don’t stress, the festival’s Low Income Ticket Program is back in 2018.

Launched last year, the program involves an allocation of cheaper tickets reserved for those on a low income (established through a short application process). In 2018, 500 tickets will be made available through the program.

“We are thrilled at the success of the program’s inaugural year as we constantly strive to be a more inclusive festival,” said Lil Mitchell, director of the Low Income Ticket Program.

“Strawberry Fields is a space for people to express their creativity and explore music and art and we don’t want anyone to be excluded from the opportunity to join us due to difficult financial circumstances.”

Low Income tickets will be offered for $165 plus a booking fee, in comparison to the full price of $280-$330 per ticket. That should ease the pain a little when your next Spotify royalty cheque comes through.

For all the details and to see if you’re eligible, head here.