This app tells you what festivals you should attend based purely on your Spotify listening habits

No longer will you need to comb through myriad lineups to find the music festival that best aligns with your own taste. There’s now an app for that.

Developed by UK company Ents24, the Find My Festival app uses an algorithm to match your listening habits with upcoming festivals around the world.

festival finder

The Find My Festival app decides what festival you should attend based purely on your Spotify tastes.

If you’re feeling lucky, you can roll the dice and let the app decide on a festival for you by entering your gender, age and favourite artists. Otherwise, you can connect your Spotify account for more specific selections based on what you’re currently listening to.

Speaking with NME, Ents24’s Adam Brooks says: “Fans can find it hard to know where to start, given the huge amount of choice on offer at both a festival level, but also, with hundreds of (often new) acts to choose from, at a lineup level.”

Find your Festival solves these problems, and gives festivals themselves a new way to generate awareness, excitement and engagement around their events. It presents their lineups to fans in the most appealing way – by tailoring them to the individual, one fan at a time.”

Give it a try here. Warning: It will give you serious urges to quit your job, get a credit card and buy flights overseas.