Stunning lyrics are Em George’s weapon on new EP ‘Wolves’

Sydney-based artist Em George has caused quite a stir with her original sonic vision and incredible vocal ability.

After a stunning self-titled debut back in 2016, Em George has returned with a follow-up EP titled Wolves.

Em George Wolves

Raw and introspective lyrics are carefully intertwined with a distinct folk-pop sound on Wolves, the sophomore EP from Em George.

The EP’s leading single, Fight, is a beautifully sunny track. It pulls you in with floating melodies, distracting you from whatever else could be on your mind. Through her lyrics, George reminds us that challenges are made for overcoming, enthusing you to put up a fight for what matters most.

Reflecting on the track, George said: 

“I wrote this song [Fight] in a time of darkness and loss after losing my grandmother who was a huge part of my life. She always used to talk to me about facing dark, hard times and never giving up. That sometimes not everyone would love or accept all of you, but that was ok as long as you accepted your entire self.”

Em George takes inspiration from a number of folk artists including the likes of Leonard Cohen, Joni Mitchell, and Nick Drake. However, George injects a modern edge to the nostalgic ’70s sound, embedding pop sensibilities which make you want to move. 

Highlight track Light Comes In encapsulates George’s power and confidence, accompanied by an incredible black and white music video showcasing the artist’s deep emotional connection to her music.

Wolves was recorded on the Sunshine Coast at Heliport Studio with producer Eliot Henrich, then co-produced by Matt O’Connor and mastered by Adam Dempsey. 

Listening to the EP in full reveals that Em George is a talented observer of the world around her, painting vivid images of love, loss, resilience and the human condition. It is clear that this artist is moving in strides beyond comparison and could soon be recognised far beyond Sydney for her original sound. 


Wolves is out now.