Suicide Swans will captivate you on sprawling new album La Jungla

Suicide Swans will captivate you on their sprawling new album La Jungla

Since releasing their debut self-titled EP in 2015, Brisbane/Toowoomba outfit Suicide Swans have carved out an instantly identifiable musical language based on crunching guitars, charmingly twangy vocals, and infectious melodies.

Diving into any one of their releases makes for an invigorating listen, but their most recent full-length LP La Jungla is undeniably the highlight of their discography.

Gritty, sprawling, and dynamic: Brisbane/Toowoomba band Suicide Swan’s new album La Jungla is incredibly captivating from start to finish.

La Jungla adapts many of the technical strategies heard on the band’s previous work to create far more dynamic, sprawling compositions.

Throughout the album, the band sway through a hypnotic fusion of alt-rock, country, and scuzzy garage to deliver a sound that will feel something like The War On Drugs at one moment, and the E Street Band at another. While the album will often feel familiar, it never sits in one place for long.

Album opener Don’t Fade On Me is a slow-burning and gritty epic that will rope you in with endearing vocal lines and textured instrumentation, while See You In The Mountains is one of the albums shorter, punchier tracks that adopts many characteristics of folk-rock.

With multiple tracks exceeding the ten minute mark, La Jungla manoeuvres through contrasting moments of sprawling, dream-like indie-rock and forceful, up-front country to create a truly intriguing dynamic between juxtaposing themes.

Do yourself a favour and listen to the new album above, and catch Suicide Swans on tour at any of the following dates:

July 5th – Frankies Pizza, Sydney
July 6th – Lass O’Gowrie Hotel, Newcastle
July 13th – The Spotted Mallard, Melbourne
July 14th – Major Tom’s, Kyneton

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