Suss out the kooky trailer for Tyler, The Creator’s new Viceland series Nuts + Bolts

“Nuts + Bolts is the show describing how everything that I think is awesome is made.”

The first trailer for the upcoming Viceland TV program Nuts + Bolts is here, starring none other than human cartoon Tyler, The Creator as your wacky host.

tyler, the creator cherry bomb the documentary nuts + bolts

Watch Tyler, The Creator solve the mysterious of modern life in Nuts + Bolts, the upcoming TV series from Golf Media and Viceland.

Over the past year Tyler been sticking his nose into showbiz every chance he can get. He’s dabbled in cartoons, writing music for TV and even conceived his very own documentary.

The whole time it just made me want a full-on show. The guy is a character, so just let us watch him! Finally it looks like he’s getting the screen time he deserves, and we couldn’t be more stoked for the guy.

Check out the weird and wonderful trailer below.

Via Fact Mag.