Lost and Found: forgotten recordings from a pre-revolution Iran brought to vinyl for the very first time

As much as music can be a wonderful hobby or a top tier pass-time, it can also serve as a history book of sorts. Thanks to the invention of modern recording, we have access to clips of sound dating back to the 1920s and further, serving as a reference point to their historical context.

A series of recordings by Morteza Hannaneh, co-founder of the Tehran Symphony Orchestra, have recently been unearthed, supposedly dating back to the 1960s when Iran hadn’t experienced its Islamic revolution.

The tapes have now been restored and mastered for vinyl, ready to be consumed by the modern music enthusiast.

pre-revolution iran recordings

A collection of orchestral recordings from pre-revolution Iran have been restored for vinyl, serving as a cultural time capsule dating back to the 1960s.

While Pink Floyd and The Beatles were first picking up their instruments, Iran’s composers were languishing in their rich cultural heritage, unaware that their country would be turned upside down in the coming decade.

The following recordings serve as a time capsule to that era, and a stunning reminder of music’s power to send one’s mind back to times gone by. Listen below, and head here to grab one of the 500 vinyl copies for yourself.

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Via Fact Mag.