Listen up, meat popsicles: The Fifth Element soundtrack is coming to vinyl for the very first time

Luc Besson’s sci-fi cult classic The Fifth Element starring Milla Jovovich, Bruce Willis and Gary Oldman is remembered for a ton of reasons. Yet among the doomsday themes, galactic use of colour and oddball performances, you might easily forget the dynamite soundtrack.

Éric Serra’s score set the tone for the film in all its spacey, off-kilter glory. For the first time, you’ll be able to take home said soundtrack on some killer coloured wax.

the fifth element soundtrack vinyl leelo

Multipass or not, you’ll soon be able to grab your very own copy of The Fifth Element soundtrack on vinyl. Some damn pretty vinyl.

The cult sci-fi film The Fifth Element turns 20 this year. To celebrate, the soundtrack is being issued on vinyl for the first time. It’s out May 17 via Mondo. French composer Éric Serra’s work has been remastered, and is available on 180-gram coloured vinyl; the options are ‘Orange with White Striped’ and ‘Super Green’.

Below, see the full tracklist, artwork, and vinyl records. Directed by Luc Besson, the 1997 film is set in the 23rd century and stars Bruce Willis as a taxi cab driver tasked with saving the earth from a massive weapon. – Pitchfork.

The Fifth Element_jacket_FC

The Fifth Element OST:

01 Little Light of Love
02 Mondoshawan
03 Timecrash
04 Korben Dallas
05 Koolen
06 Akta
07 Leeloo
08 Five Millenia Later
09 Plavalaguna
10 Ruby Rap
11 Heat
12 Badaboom
13 Mangalores
14 Lucia Di Lammermoor
15 The Diva Dance
16 Leeloominai
17 A Bomb in the Hotel
18 Mina Hinoo
19 No Cash No Trash
20 Radiowaves
21 Human Nature
22 Pictures of War
23 Lakta Ligunai
24 Protect Life
25 Little Light of Love (End Titles Version)
26 Aknot ! Wot ?