Want to play Sydney Festival? They’re looking for 100 shredders to perform in a huge guitar orchestra

At this year’s Sydney Festival, avant-garde composer Rhys Chatham is staging a performance of A Crimson Grail, his 2005 three-movement piece originally written for 400 guitarists.

400 may seem like a bit much, and it is, so Chatham is recruiting a measly 100 Sydney guitarists for the piece come January. We still reckon it’ll be pretty mad.

100 guitarists orchestra a crimson grail

Want to play guitar at Sydney Festival? Rhys Chatham wants you and 99 other guitarists to join him for a performance of the legendary A Crimson Grail.

The Sydney Festival showing will mark the fourth ever performance of this landmark composition, following shows in Paris (2005), New York (2009), and Liverpool (2012).

Head here to sign yourself up. Best of luck!

Watch a clip from the 2009 New York performance below.

Via The Brag.