Sydney is coming alive for Volumes and here are 7 acts you can’t miss even if it means cloning yourself

If you’re wondering why Volumes 2015 didn’t make it onto our list of must see gigs this week there is a perfectly valid reason. This festival is just so awesome it deserved a list all on it’s own. There are dozens of seriously talented Aussie bands taking over the Brighton Up Bar, Cliff Dive and Oxford Art Factory on Saturday August 29. If you find yourself wandering around Oxford street with nothing to do but twiddle your thumbs then this is the place you need to be. Even if you do have plans, scrap em.

Volumes 2015 jack ladder

The inaugural Volumes 2015 is upon us this weekend. Three venues, four stages and with too many awesome bands to count, we give you 7 of the best.

Jack Ladder and the Dreamlanders

Let’s start with the big man, both figuratively and literally. Jack Ladder and his sultry baritone is headlining the Volumes festivities for a very good reason. With his sharp lyrics and overwhelming stage presence this is a man not to be missed. And of course you can’t forget the Dreamlanders. With Donny Bennet, Kirin J Callinan, Laurence Pike and Neal Sutherland sharing the stage with him this will be without a doubt a killer set.


Perth superstar in the making Katie Campbell has been killing it lately. Her EP Casual is anything but, intricate and involving it’s one of the best dance releases we’ve heard this year. So if you’re keen to get down and boogie to one of the best dance acts this country has to offer then Catlips is your gal.

Shining Bird

Repping the Gong is old mates Shining Bird. Things have been a bit quiet on the SB front as of late as the boys have been hunkered down whittling away at their sophomore album. From what we’ve heard it’s almost ready to be unleashed onto the world, so if you’ve been dying to hear more of Dane Taylor’s deep, honeyed voice, or at the very least want to see that loveable bear in the flesh doing his thing, Volumes is the place to be.


Flowertruck is the Sydney band whose name is on everybody’s lips right now. It’s not for nothing either. The band have exploded out of the gates with their sunny take on indie-pop with touches of post-punk. The band have recently dropped their new single Sunshower and their debut EP Dirt is visible on the horizon. Judging from the single it’s gonna be a beauty of an EP and proof this is a band not to be missed.

Methyl Ethel

Oh Inhumane Spectacle is one of the most impressive albums to grace 2015 so far. It’s finally produced, focused and engaging. It’s the beautiful Frankenstein’s monster of pop music, and it’s fucking amazing. The Perth troupe have been on the rise since releasing LP and there probably hasn’t been a day since it’s release that FBi hasn’t spun Twilight Driving.

The Pinheads

The most insane fucking band I’ve ever seen“. That’s the guaranteed testimonial from anyone who has watched, nay, witnessed whatever it is The Pinheads do when they perform live. Screeching, wailing, dancing and hanging frm the ceiling, Farmer and the Owl’s latest baby has come into the world kicking and screaming.

The Laurels

Rounding out this merry listicle is Sydneysiders The Laurels. The boys recently chatted with us on what their ideal Laurel-fest lineup would be like, and we have a pretty good feeling that this comes close. They have a new album on the way, the first taste of which is the brilliantly weird Zodiac K. Trippy and boasting a cool new direction for the band, experiencing this gem live should be at the top of your to do list (despite being at the bottom of this one).