Catlips stakes her claim as the next electro mastermind

Producer, live performer and composer Catlips, A.K.A Katie Campbell is nothing short of a multi-skilled multitasking magician. Since stepping out in 2011, Catlips has achieved a great deal and it does not look like she’s going to slow down at any rate.


Perth wunderkind Catlips is unstoppable with her knack for tightly produced electro jams. It’s world music from outer space, and it’s incredible.

At only 20 years of age, she has already released two EP’s as Catlips (Takas and more freshly, Casual) and is a member of both the dreamy electronic group Kučka as well as the self-dubbed “✰ ☯ ✰ Japaneez Supababez ✰ ☯ ✰” duo Wa$abi Pea$. In addition to this, Katie has quite the portfolio and is getting herself learned up at the West Australian Academy of Performing Arts, where she studies a Bachelor of Music, majoring in Composition and Technology.

Catlips’ music dabbles in the electronic, the ‘kawaii’, and evokes a surging feeling that you are listening to ‘world music’ that in fact comes from outer space. Drawing inspiration from acts like Four Tet, Daphni and Nicholas Jaar, her song Kanimbla perfectly puts together the sounds of bells, eating, hyperactive clapping and sweetly effected vocal samples to create something fresh and tasty. To make the brightly coloured, norm-core accompanying video clip, she teamed up with ambitious Perth artist and filmmaker GIRLtheTOY and Samantha Hughes.

Her latest EP Casual has just dropped, is rolling and it ain’t gonna stop. Inthemix dubbed her track Fade as one of ‘The 18 best local tracks of the year so far’, sharing the stage with tunes like Roland TingsPala and Hayden James’ unbelievably catchy Something About You. Channeling some serious disco house feels, Fade constructs a sonic collage using harp-like synths, electro-claps and the recurring vocal hook which stutters, rises and falls in pitch. Together, these elements create the sleek track that is a healthy indication of the rest of the EP.

Catlips has a great knack for teaming up with artists of all mediums. Merging her two projects, she remixed Kučka’s track Unconditional along with Kitpop and Tobacco-rat. The artwork for Casual is masterfully done by Japanese visual artist Yoko Honda and symbolises the tastiness of the release through a moonbathing banana split. Signs are pointing to a national tour sometime soon with a “multisensory experience” mentioned which is no doubt music to the ears of many.