Sydney-based demolition artists Accidental President give 2017 a taste of ’70s rock on Jiggery Pokery

Out of Sydney, Accidental President have brought together a loud, confident and familiar sound in their latest EP Jiggery Pokery.  The three track record comes after their meeting, brought together by a mutual disgust at the world, and is a clear indication of what they’re all about.

Bringing in an overwhelmingly distinct ’70s rock vibe, expect stadium-rending riffs, crushingly dramatic builds and a hard, echoing and choral vocal. If that’s not your vibe, I’d turn back now.

Wearing influence on their sleeve, guitars ’round their necks and attitude up front, Accidental President have stepped right out of the ’70s into your ragged eardrums.

Opening track  Hopes and Dreams is lyrically driven, and it’s clear from the level of production that this a song, indeed a record that has been treated with plenty of respect and care.

With breakneck guitars and crashing drums, the track has a power rock familiarity, something I’m sure would be compounded a thousand times over live. At six minutes long, it stands right beside some of the world’s foremost rock ballads.

Followed on by Mr Black, the EP finds a more varied tone. While the spaced-out guitar never fades, the addition of extra layering and nuanced production notes make for a more engaging pace.

Wrapping up the record is Closer, a much grittier song with plenty of lively hooks, the revving car and swift lyricism bringing together their already intense sound with a more sophisticated edge. Bold and struck by a furious passion for that original rock ‘n’ roll carnage, these performers are impossible to ignore.

A singular drawback to Accidental President is that they don’t stray too far from their influence material. It’s a balance that’s hard to initially find as a band, but this act’s strong visual identity and a few key tracks show plenty of promise in that regard. We’re eyes and ears for whatever else is in the works.


Catch Accidental President live on September 20 at The Bald Faced Stag, Sydney. Details here.