More contemplative than ever, Adaptors have flown to space and back to bring you Closer

Sydney’s dreamy pop masters Adaptors are back with single Closer, one you can expect to feature on the upcoming EP. With just the right amount of sweet and atmospheric haze, at first listen it will shoot you right into the open air.

Optimistic and bright, Closer is just different enough from Adaptors’ previous releases to hook me in, while still bringing flickers of that drawling attitude I remember.

adaptors closer

Closer is romantic breezy pop at its best, swathed in spaced out guitar and deep sensual drums, it’s a track you would be forgiven for getting lost in.

The cover art leaves no room for disappointment and plenty for imagination, a wide night sky, encapsulating what this track did for me. Angsty and youthful, Closer gives off an air of heartfelt bedroom musings, wrapped together in a garage band-esque atmosphere.

Recalling elements of Dustin Tebbutt, this contemplative ballad is personal and touching. The low hum of the bassline gives a subtle bluesy tone while a less than transitional vocal carries on throughout. A bit of exploration could have been added, but it does lend to the stream of consciousness Closer seems to exude.

Closer is sure to bring a romantic and accessible addition to the upcoming EP. Having already released their debut in 2015, I am eager to hear how much Adaptors have changed since that initial release.

This single drops hints at an ambient, reflective tone, which would be an interesting departure from the psych-infused post punk we came to expect after the self-titled Adaptors.

Closer is a heartwarming and comforting track, a happy introduction into what is to come for Adaptors in the next months. I’ll be sure to include this bad boy in my winter warmers playlist.

Sunday 25th June – The Evelyn Hotel, Melbourne
Wednesday 28th June -Rad Bar, Wollongong
Saturday 1st July – The Lass O’Gowrie, Newcastle
Thursday 6th July – The Milk Factory Bar, Brisbane
Thursday 13th July – The Record Crate, Sydney

More dates to come…