PREMIERE: Adaptors fly further than ever before on fantastical new tune Crystal Eye

Sydney four-piece Adaptors have today unveiled their latest, a cinematic rock track by the name of Crystal Eye.

It harks right back to the contemplative, dramatic rock ‘n’ roll the men have become known for since dropping their self-titled debut EP in 2015. Rich with imagery, Crystal Eye is a sonic tapestry that shows just how far Adaptors have come since.

adaptors crystal eye

Romantic, resplendent and rippling with musical fortitude, Adaptors have sent their hearts far and wide to bring you Crystal Eye.

Singing of vast mountains, endless journeys and farseeing prophets, the new track is a voyage overseen by powerful vocal work. The lyrics stand proud in front of the mix, dictating its temperament with a true leader’s ease.

Not to discredit Adaptors musicianship, that is. The drums evolve with each turn of the tune, leaping from almost tribal rhythms to more pronounced beats when the track needs room.

A consistent piano thread permeates Crystal Eye like an ever-flowing stream, adding a strength of character. Meanwhile synth pads fade in and out, bringing the song a more natural feel, taking you to places far away.

It’s a ripper tune from a band who have made consistency their game. Let’s hope there’s something even bigger in the works.


Adaptors will be launching Crystal Eye live at Oxford Art Factory on Saturday, February 10th. Find out all the details here.