Take a virtual tour of every place the Beatles ever mentioned in this 12-minute clip

The team at Vanity Fair have commissioned a twelve-minute, 25 000 miles-long Magical Mystery Tour of every place mentioned in Beatles lyrics throughout their entire discography, from Eleanor Rigby’s gravestone in Liverpool to the Black Mountain Hills of South Dakota in America’s mid-west.

The Magical Mystery Tour of old Beatles haunts is detailed in this twelve minute, 25,000 miles-long video commissioned (and sometimes incorrectly researched) by Vanity Fair.

The video begins in Liverpool and takes viewers on a tour through Penny Lane, Strawberry Field and John Lennon’s and Paul McCartney‘s childhood homes (with no mention of George or Ringo). The tour pays a brief visit to the Cavern Club where the band played their first shows, heads down to the Mersey “cast iron shore” before jetting to Scotland for the Kirkaldy mentioned in Cry Baby Cry. 

The video stops all over London, with Abbey Road Studios, The House of Commons and Buckingham Palace featuring in the mix. We then head south to the dock of Southhampton and the Isle of Wight before the tour goes abroad; Paris, Amsterdam, Marrakesh, India, Gibraltar and Ukraine in the former USSR all receive mentions.

All-in-all, Vanity Fair logged 25,510 miles into the virtual GPS. Not a bad feat for 12 minutes!

The Youtube comment section fired up when the video was posted, claiming that Vanity Fair’s clip was riddled with inaccuracies. The barbershop mentioned in Penny Lane isn’t the right one, and while there is, in fact, a Bishopsgate in London, the location The Beatles were referring to in Being for the Benefit of Mr Kite lies to the north of Liverpool.

Still, the video is entertaining and (mostly) informative. Perhaps the updated version will include the right rooftop where the Beatles played their last gig (the map shows the current location of Apple Records, not the building at 3 Saville Row where it happened).

Via Open Culture.