Take a trip into the nightmarish sonic landscapes of Grinding Eyes

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In July of 2014 grunge made love to psychedelic rock and Sydney four piece Grinding Eyes was born. With members hailing from The Mess Hall and Treatment, you might call Grinding Eyes somewhat of a local supergroup, and with the unity of Krautrock, grunge and 60s acid-flashback-psychedelia, you could very well say Grinding Eyes are a supergroup of genres.

Grinding Eyes post

Like B-Grade horror movies and nightmares? No? Well Grinding Eyes do, and their spin on nightmarish psychedelia with B-Grade horror film visuals will give you some of the most interesting nightmares you’ve ever had.

As the Australian music scene progresses, musicians are getting younger (or rather, with the help of technology, younger musicians are getting their creations heard) and the influences behind their writing seem to be getting older. With the likes of Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin and The Who making a regular appearance in Spotify playlists of today, the music that shaped 60’s and 70’s rock is proving to be stronger than ever.

Grinding Eyes are a display of sound beyond their years, both sonically and in their live presence. Opening for the Sydney leg of Gizzfest earlier this year, as well as playing shows with the likes of Black Zeros, Kim Salmon & Leanne Cowie and Graveyard, these Sydney psych-rockers are wasting no time in plotting dots on the map of Australian venues to bring you your new favourite sound. Once you’ve seen these guys live, you’ll find yourself seeding their trance-like single Shake It Up through your playlist of Nuggets-esque, nightmare-inducing 60s psychedelia (we all know you have one).

Shake It Up has landed Grinding Eyes in a world fairly isolated from anything hovering around the Sydney music buzz of today. If you’re listening to it alone you’ll probably feel like you’re on the set of The Rocky Horror Picture Show, or something just as fascinatingly strange. The extended instrumental tangents are dark and nightmarish, with screeching organs and twangy guitars drenched in hollow reverb. If you put it on at a party, you’ll most likely find yourself in some really profound conversations about the world; do you really care if Aliens exist? You do now.

With music videos that showcase images from an era of which their soul’s clearly lived, Grinding Eyes aren’t shy of displaying their love of the 60’s and 70’s and seem to carry that through to their online presence, so you’ll just have to go to a show to uncover the mystery and find out what these long haired rockers are all about. Trust me – it will definitely be worth it.

Grinding Eyes play with Kim Salmon & Leanne Crow this Friday at Waywards, The Bank in Newtown.

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