Take your favourite music beyond death with this spooky vinyl pressing firm

“When the album that is life finally reaches the end wouldn’t it be nice to keep that record spinning for eternity?”

We just stumbled upon Andvinyly, a UK firm that creates a very specific and slightly morbid product for music lovers. They give you the chance to press your ashes into vinyl while offering a range of complimentary services like providing backing tracks, sleeve art and more.

ashes into vinyl

In death, what more could a vinyl lover ask for? Andvinyly offers you the option to press your cremated ashes into a completely unique vinyl.

Turning your ashes into vinyl seems complicated, but with bands going through far crazier means to make their records special these days, it’s not actually a tough ask. You provide the ashes (or your pet’s ashes!) and Andvinyly will take care of the rest – after you run through some options.

You can have some sleeve art completed by either James Hague or Paul Insect, as well as choosing what kind of audio will actually play. Andvinyly offers pre-determined backing tracks or loops for you to arrange as per your own preference in this regard, but you can always just use a recording of your own voice to spook whoever eventually listens to the record.

Or if you like, you can keep things simple and add no audio – your ashes still crackle all the same.