A weed company released a star-studded video to promote queer month

The new Taste So Good music video for Cann and Weedmaps was released yesterday and features Kesha, Patricia Arquette and the Cruel Intentions kiss.

In celebration of pride month, a weed-infused queer-owned beverage company release a new music video starring LQBTQIA+ artists, advocates and allies.

Taste So Good was written and performed by Hayley Kiyoko, VINCINT, MNEK and starred Gus Kenworthy, Kornbread, Willow Pill, VINCINT, Hayley Kiyoko, Kerri Colby, Patricia Arquette, Jorgeous and even Sarah Michelle Gellar.

I guess it’s that time of year when every company throws a rainbow flag on their brand in support of pride month, at least this company gave us a who’s who of queer icons in a pretty entertaining music video-style ad.

Try not to blink when you watch the ad too because you might just miss one of the gorgeous RuPaul’s drag Race stars or even the recreation of the famous Cruel Intentions kiss.

US actor best known for her performance in Buffy The Vampire Slayer Sarah Michelle Gellar spoke to PEOPLE about the new video and said that she doesn’t need an excuse to recreate the kiss scene with Selma Blair.

In the interview, Gellar said she has recreated the scene on a number of occasions.

“I mean, why wait? We do it all the time. I love that girl,” Gellar said.

“She has a very smooth, very easy face to kiss.”

Well, we absolutely love to hear that.

Watch the full music video below.