Taxi company asks people for happy taxi stories. Opens up can of worms. RIP Taxis Australia Uber wins

In what may be one of the biggest blunders in social media campaigns, the Victorian Taxi Association have been bombarded with horror stories of their own service after an attempt to source happy stories. Oops.

People were offered a year’s worth of free taxi rides for taking part and sharing their stories, but things have gone downhill very fast. The hashtag #YourTaxis has yielded some shocking stories at the hands of taxi drivers. Behold the spectacle below.

YourTaxis twitter

Feel the need to share the your taxi horror stories? The #YourTaxis campaign has brought out the worst of them in a hilarious social media campaign fail.

In light of the overwhelming negative response, the taxi service has scrambled to maintain this campaign is a way to help better their business.

This story was first seen on the Sydney Morning Herald.