Taylor Roche is a master of dream pop melody and heartbreak bliss

Taylor Roche is doing dream pop right. His latest single OVER IT is the perfect amount of synth wonderland, buoyant vocals and sticky hooks, all tinged in a crimson coat of heartbreak.

The Christchurch artist has displayed an authority over his sound and personality that will no doubt see him rise to prominence in the flourishing NZ music scene.

Taylor Roche

Taylor Roche knows his way around a catchy melody. His latest single OVER IT is the perfect concoction of snappy beats and dream pop bliss.

Taylor Roche is an emerging Pop artist based in Christchurch, New Zealand. By the time he was 18, he performed at such televised events as Coca Cola Christmas in The Park and Christchurch Sparks in The Park. However, he left his music degree after one year to pursue his love of songwriting, performing and to focus on his artistry. Now at 21, Taylor has dropped an incredible sophomore single to cement his sound as he continues to explore the landscape of modern synth pop.

Unlike your common breakup song OVER IT is an upbeat, dream pop tune that explores the journey of a fling turned romance turned love, before abruptly ending via a text message that read, “I’m over it”.

Taylor originally wrote OVER IT as a slow ballad but decided not to take himself too seriously and switch the vibe to an upbeat groove that recognises the heartbreak but seeks to give listeners the urge to dance around the room. This celebration of tragedy is the healing in Taylors music as he aids the listener in traversing the muddy landscapes of broken hearts, miscommunicated feelings and love.

Whereas his 2019 debut This Love Song is a tender acoustic ballad, Taylor has expressed his willingness to evolve and grow as a musician with expansive, floating pop soundscapes and stunning production from Sam Jones.

The snappy drum samples set up an infectious groove while the xylophonic melodies and swelling synths dance lightly in the space above. This swirling heady mix is the perfect drink to sip on while you melt to the tantalising vocals of Taylor. His crisp falsettos and tight vocal flourishes establish him as no mediocre singer and we cannot wait to hear where his musical journey takes him.

Check out the mesmerising OVER IT below: