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Watch Froyo perform Time to Trade Live at Enmore

Local favourites Froyo were the latest to hit the Live at Enmore studio. They dished up a dose of synth pop perfection with their track, Time to Trade. 

Awash with lush pads and heartfelt harmonies, the duo took to their mics with quiet assurance and left the crew floored with their pitch-perfect ballad. Froyo Live at Enmore

Froyo were the latest band to be welcomed to the Live at Enmore studio. Their track, Time to Trade, is a study in ’80s-style pop perfection.

The lush synth pads and arpeggios from Allyson Montenegro and Michael Chow backed the side by side harmonies that ran throughout the course of the track.

Before the record button was hit, the Michael and Allyson uncovered the song’s meaning:

Your time is currency,” said Chow, “you’re just giving it away, don’t do that, it’s valuable man!

Montenegro mentioned, “Our slogan is the soundtrack to a John Hughes movie that never happened.” One you hear the track, it’s easy to see why:

To find out more about Froyo, head over to their website.