Nearly 100 Swifties caught COVID at a Taylor Swift singalong party

At least 97 people have caught COVID-19 at a Taylor Swift party in Sydney, as NSW case numbers rise.

Those who attended the ‘Red’ karaoke styled evening at the Metro Theatre on December 10 have been ordered to isolate.

The party took place at a music venue in Sydney last week and has been linked to nearly 100 COVID-19 cases, according to NSW Health.

Credit: Derek Moore, News Corp

That’s a lot of sick Swifties singing the same air.

A public health alert has been issued today to anyone who went to the On Repeat: Taylor Swift Red Party and the general public have been warned that some of these cases are likely to be the Omicron variant.

NSW health alerted the party-goers on Thursday evening making at least 600 people close contacts.

This news comes soon after multiple outbreaks at parties all over the city. Case numbers are expected to continue rising now that COVID restrictions have eased, just soon enough for people to get up close and personal through the silly season.

Fans must be pretty pissed off about having to spend the next 7 days isolating but hopefully, the absolute rager was worth it.