Tei Shi shines with her angelic disco

Valerie Teicher is currently ticking all the right boxes, so if you want to impress your friends start dropping the name Tei Shi, before the release of her new EP Verde on April 14th. The sugary vocals and basic but prominent bass in her music lend her style to something that could easily be mistaken only as an angelic disco.

Tei Shi

Armed with melodious synths, haunting lyrics and gorgeous vocals Tei Shi steps up to the plate to deliver her dynamic concoction of electro pop.

Popping up in 2013, Tei Shi hit the scene hard, playing her first live shows at CMJ and released her first double EP, Saudade, with music videos to match. There is the temptation to box her into one genre, but the soft intergalactic melodies paired with a voice that sends shivers down your spine bleeds into several, pooling right around that indie electronic pop, R&B, alternative corner. It’s so much more than that though.

True to the literal translation of Saudade (feeling akin to what remains after something is lost), Tei Shi’s debut EP drags you down into a dark place with harmonies stripped back to their most primal form, yet shows you the light with hauntingly gorgeous vocals & lyrics along with entrancing synth soaked melodies. The EP beautifully melds a mix of slow driving beats and synth hooks for days, with evocative lyrics that you can’t help but relate to, sung so sensually you’ll want to touch your body. Tracks like M&Ms and Adder(F)All are evocatively eerie, yet uplifting at the same time. Tei Shi is able to do this with a minimalist sound and poignant vocals.

Saudade is laced with tribal percussion, elegantly layered vocals and a peculiar ambience that sticks with you long after listening to her music. Basically, the lead single from her upcoming EP Verde is a much sexier take on her rhythmic space pop while second single See Me, in contrast is a slow, creamy milkshake of a track, which will have you hooked with that dulcet beat.

With a sound that can be coupled with FKA Twiggs Tei Shi is certainly an artist you’ll want to listen out for in 2015. If you’re lucky enough to be in Austin, Texas this week, she is getting down for shows at the South by South West Music Conference, and then indulging the European audience with shows in late May and early June. We hope to be able to catch her in Aus soon!



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