TEN12 set to release sophomore EP The Singularity

Step into the captivating realm of The Singularity, where classic rock and drawling blues converge in an alluring blend, creating an homage and awakening that only TEN12 can deliver.

An alluring blend of classic rock and drawling blues, The Singularity is both an homage and an awakening. Mining the resources of genres past, TEN12 bring an edge and an aura of experience to their new project, an amalgamation of growth and desire amounting to an impressive second release. 

Previously released singles Whiskey In A Smoky Room and Love Looks established an almost combative energy; a stance shrewd in confidence and the result of bubbling experimentation.


A little psych rock, a lot of southern inspired country rock and a serving of 2000s alternative rock comprises Whiskey In A Smoky Room, an exceptional first release. Love Looks takes a mellower approach, ambling in its sensual masculinity.

Chiming guitar hooks, a voice like Anthony Kiedis and a hope rousing chorus – Love Looks takes a softer, yet just as satisfying approach, to the landscape The Singularity sets out. 

Light My Flame could be mistaken for a Three Doors Down track, – before they were playing at Trump’s inauguration, yikes – charming distorted guitars and thick bass lines with a swelling chorus and climactic bridge.

TEN12 incorporate multiple moments of experimentation while honing in on the tracks simplicity; Light My Flame excels in its accessibility without sacrificing its true desires. Perhaps the catchiest track on The Singularity, Light My Flame is somewhat of a hidden gem.

With a title like Dirty Woman, some sonic expectations spring to mind – with a touch of hesitancy. What could easily become a derivative moment is instead an empowering one.

The most classic rock inspired moment of The Singularity by far, Dirty Woman is a capsule of unreleased energy just dying to see the light of day.

Two word chorus, gang vocals echoing in the distance and a cheesy four-chord progression works wonders, channeling the likes of The Doors and Hendrix. 

The Singularity excels in its songwriting and production, presenting a united force of rock without succumbing to uncomfortable emulation.

It’s an exciting moment for TEN12, a catapult built on authenticity and a love of genres past, The Singularity pushes its own boundaries and does so successfully.

Listen to The Singularity below.