5 essential bits of gear that help define the ‘CJ Commerford & The Supertones’ sound

Explore the spellbinding power behind our favourite Mornington sweethearts CJ Commerford & The Supertones

The Peninsula 6-piece band CJ Commerford & The Supertones, have gained recognition for their ability to immerse audiences in a delightful blend of nostalgic warmth and captivating charm.

Their local scene has embraced them as an unmissable act, and rightfully so. Their music embodies a vintage soundscape that pays homage to classic soul, while incorporating a modern twist that showcases their exceptional creativity.

CJ Commerford & the Supertones

At the forefront of this musical journey is the charismatic frontman, CJ Commerford. His charming persona amplifies the group’s talent and adds an extra layer of magic to their performances.

Their recent live recording of Curtis Mayfield‘s beloved track, ‘Move On Up’ (a song that makes an appearance at every good wedding), perfectly captures the whimsical spontaneity that characterizes an average show by this talented ensemble, making it an ideal representation of their captivating energy.

CJ Commerford and the Supertones delve deep into the essence of 70s funk soul, establishing a foundation for intuitive experimentation. The band’s profound understanding of their craft ensures that each time you attend one of their live shows at a local club, you are in for a unique and exciting experience.

Their discography reflects this exploration, embodying an acute awareness that they are creating more than just an atmosphere; they are curating a spectacle that thrives on the euphoric and eclectic nature of a live setting. It’s truly a gift to have a taste of this energy through their digestible private shows on Spotify, offering a glimpse of what awaits those fortunate enough to witness their performances firsthand.

So what is it about this group that has their audience under such a trance? The gang have generously offered up a possible explaination as they deep dive into the recipe of their signature sound. Read along to hear the 5 essential elements that make up the captivating sound of CJ Commerford & The Supertones

CJ Commerford & The Supertones

Hollow body guitars – Gibson ES 335

CJ’s classic ‘back to the future’ esk  cherry red Gibson 335 semi hollow body body guitar packs a serious punch and is responsible for a large range of versatile tones. It’s the only guitar CJ has been able to rely on to get every sound blending blues and soul music and rejuvenating it live. Fat monterous humbuckers set the tone alive!


CJ Commerford & The Supertones

Nord Electro 6D

Whilst it doesn’t get a run in every song, the nord electro 6D sits closely next to our Saxophone extraordinaire Sebastian Farchione and is responsible for some mighty organ/piano and even string sounds when called for! It’s hard to play soul music without that hammon organ sound so we throw it in whenever we can!

ventura pedal CJ Commerford & The Supertones


Digitech – Ventura Vibe Vibratio Pedal

Taking it’s throne on Lennies pedalboard, this killer pedal helps replace some of those organ sounds with it’s beautiful ‘rotary’ selection. We blend a bit of drive in to give it a super warm tube like sound.

shure saxaphone

Shure Beta 98H/C: Recommended clip-on tenor saxophone microphone

Some fun for the boys on Horns, the Sure clip ons sllow Sebastian and Dave to roam free to become the wild brass beasts they were always ment to be…musically of course.

Xvvive u4 Wireless transmitter abd receiver CJ Commerford

Xvvive u4 Wireless transmitter abd receiver

 Being in a 6 piece band is incredible. It’s fun, powerful and never feels like there’s a dull moment. It does come with some monitoring challenges which is why we use the Xvive u4 wireless transmitter and receiver packs.  A personailsed mix right to year ears just like a foldback would. We always love to pair these up with one or two room mics so not to lose that wonderful ambience that live music provides!

Check out CJ Commerford & The Supertones latest release ‘Move On Up’, and have a go listening out for these iconic Supertone-isms.