Terrifying: Koalas could be extinct in NSW by 2050, inquiry finds

I hope you’re all proud of yourselves. A new inquiry has found that the bushfires, climate change, mining, and other urbanisation projects have all created the perfect storm to lead to the extinction of koalas in New South Wales by 2050.

The inquiry notes that “without urgent government intervention”, the significant loss of bushland in the last few years could wipe out our favourite native animals for good.


In devastating news, a parliamentary inquiry has revealed that koalas may cease to exist in New South Wales by 2050 unless the government acts now.

“Given the scale of loss as a result of the fires to many significant local populations,” the inquiry notes, “the committee believes the koala will become extinct in New South Wales well before 2050 and that urgent Government intervention is required to protect their habitat and address all other threats to their ongoing survival.”

Last summer’s bushfires left a massive scar on our fuzzy friends; with around 30% of the NSW population perishing in the blaze, and up to 81% of habitats lost in some areas. However, it’s estimated that a combination of drought, climate change, logging, mining, and clearing have also worsened the situation.

The inquiry calls for the State Government to apply pro-active measures to ensure that our favourite little bears stay safe and sound, as well as “funding and supporting local councils to conserve koala habitat.”

Read the full report here.