Flood victims are turning to crowdfunding due to lack of government support

Feeling ignored by the Australian government, flood victims across Queensland and New South Wales are finding alternative means of support.

Thousands of homes across Australia have been destroyed by ongoing floods after weeks of rain carpeted the east coast.

Victims are in need of urgent support, yet the government has done very little to help the towns and cities affected by the floods.

House flooded
Caption: Sarah Marshall / NCA NewsWire

Residents of Lismore have started GoFundMe pages to finance clean-ups and replacements of unsalvageable items that were destroyed by the disaster.

One of those residents is Helen Koker, a photographer who lost $200,000 worth of equipment after her home was flooded.

I felt a lot of guilt … it’s hard to ask for help but we need it, everyone needs it at the moment,” she said. “It’s really unfortunate that we’re needing to ask other people rather than the government.”

Scott Morrison has been facing scrutiny after he organised the defence force to ‘help’ flood affected areas, but the ADF were exposed by locals for pretending to help while posing for pictures in a ‘good-doing’ photoshoot.

Scotty’s planning a trip to Lismore today, where he’s likely to be met with a similar reception to his infamous Cobargo visit during the 2019-20 bushfires.

“We’re planning a shirt fronting!” said Lismore resident, Laurie. “We’re ready to line up so he can’t shake our hands.”

So far, the only disaster relief provided by the government is an $1000 payment (hardly enough to replace a lounge), and a phone call from the local police.

Good luck at the next election, Scotty.