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That’s FM Alright: watch a demo video of the rare and magnificent Yamaha DX5 in action

We’ve stumbled across a demo video of the very rare Yamaha DX5, a machine which sits somewhere between the more famous DX1 and DX7 synths.

And we’ve got to say, it sounds fat. The DX5 actually sports dual 6-operator FM synth engines, effectively giving it the power of two DX7s. Yummy.Yamaha DX5

Yep, that’s FM all right. Watch the very rare Yamaha DX5 in action thanks to a demo video from YouTube user CLASSIC VINTAGE.

In most other facets, this keyboard is basically a more affordable rendition of the DX1, the difference being a lack of heavy wood panelling and polyphonic aftertouch on the keys.

The DX5, like its more famous siblings, uses the FM (frequency modulation) method of synthesis. Aside from the plethora of new sounds that could be conjured with this kind of sound generation, it could be done at a cheaper price compared to the premium analog products at the time.

Musicians were at the cutting edge of the new technology and were primed for an affordable instrument that would infuse their sounds with icy freshness. The FM synths from Yamaha turned out to be just the thing they needed. The DX7 especially went on to become wildly popular.

Check it out it’s rarer sibling below. Headphones recommended, obviously.