Cop this: The Australian has slammed Triple J for pushing their very own cultural revolution

The Australian has recently slammed Triple J in an opinion piece (subscriber only link there) penned by Chris Mitchell, explaining that the radio station is responsible for a large-scale cultural brainwashing of the ABC, and therefore Australian citizens.

Apparently, Triple J’s “anti-establishment ethos” has been rotting the ABC from the inside via the success and public prominence of so many former JJJ presenters and employees.

triple j
Photo by Brooke Tunbridge

The Triple J machine is definitely one of the strongest in Australia right now, but is it creating a nation-wide countercultural revolution? The Australian thinks so.

As an opinion piece, any article like this should be taken with a grain of salt, but from a former editor of the publication, the piece was always going to carry some weight.

The article singles out former and current JJJ associates Will Anderson, Dr. Karl, Roy and HG, and Angela Catterns as champions of young Australia’s rage against the political machine, saying the “ethos of the ABC’s alternative home of alternative music eventually infiltrated television and radio”

“It’s fascinating to see how the Triple J crowd has done.”

Whether you agree or not, these vitriolic views are already stirring up trouble on Music Feeds and Pedestrian.tv, and shows all signs of spreading further.

Is the countercultural discourse as far-reaching as Mitchell claims? Is Triple J really the sole force behind that kind of speech? Should make for a fun Q&A episode.