The Bennies share their Soundwave tour diary

Old mates The Bennies have been on a bit of a roll lately. The Melbourne four piece have been rocking audiences with their boisterous rock n’ roll antics following in the footsteps of thrashing party rock icons DZ Deathrays. The boys just finished up tearing up festival crowds during their tour of the almighty Soundwave festival, and if you’ve been curious as to what shenanigans the boys got up to feast your eyes on their exclusive photo diary.

The Bennies 29

Want to know what The Bennies got up to at Soundwave? Here’s your exclusive sneak peek behind the scenes at the music, the beer, the fans and the chunder.

The Bennie 32

This is Anty in his natural habitat, rocking the mic in Adelaide. Pretty sure he’s channeling his animal spirit.

The Bennies 39

Very trendy eye protection, gotta think of your peepers when hanging in the sun. Our mate Brock is in the reflection of the sunnies, he’s a legend!

The Bennies 42

Horgs representing “John Travulture Weed Culture Vulture”! A man so happy to imbibe the sacred on stage and pass it round because sharing is caring.

The Bennies 49

I did a show stopping spew in a bin backstage before we played in Sydney. It felt all the more funny in a way because you could hear people warming up their voices whilst I was chundering hard.

The Bennies 51

Getting photos with fans is rad. We were on our way to buy some Canadian Clubs and this lovely person asked for a photo, Bennies fans have the best high fives.

The Bennies 47

Each of the Bennies had to cut their beanie into a TISM disguise. Check out Craig, those eye holes are distracting.

The Bennies 48

Crucial beers, perfect timing ever time! Bowie bought some sunnies at a chemist and I bought a vest off a guy that wanted to charge fifteen but Bowie got him down to ten. The high five that followed the transaction frightened the man’s dog.



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