The colours that moved thousands: Michiyo Yasuda, animator and Studio Ghibli mainstay, has passed away at 77

While you may not know her name, the art of Michiyo Yasuda has moved countless people. The Tokyo-born animator and colour designer has been working alongside Ishao Takahata, Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli for over 40 years, working her way up to head of Ghibli’s colour department.

At the age of 77 Yasuda has passed away, following a lengthy illness.

Michiyo Yasuda
Still from Princess Mononoke

Responsible for the flourishing colours of some of the greatest animated films ever made, Japanese colour designer Michiyo Yasuda has passed away, but not without leaving a beautiful legacy.

World famous in the world of animators, Yasuda worked on every Studio Ghibli film made during the studio’s lifetime while she was able, from 1986’s Castle In The Sky to 2013’s The Wind Rises.

Yasuda has been a mainstay for the films of Ghibli, known for gorgeous, hand-painted scenery and heartwarming (sometimes heartbreaking) stories. Her work, and life will be remembered through these amazing features.

Michiyo Yasuda
Still from My Neighbour Totoro

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