The Dandelion

A Dandelion is a weedy plant with golden flowers and lots of hairy seeds. The Dandelion is psychedelic solo project of Sydneysider Daniel Poulter, who you might know from The Dolly Rocker Movement and a bunch of other rad bands like Los Sundowners and Kill City Creeps. While only the former is a hairy seed, both are yellow swirls of weedy golden flowery bliss.

The Dandelion band

The Dandelion: blooming psychedelia from ex-Dolly Rocker Movement / Los Sundowners / Kill City Creeps member Daniel Poulter.

Coming into full bloom only last year, Poulter journeyed to faraway pastures to sow his side project seeds into one weedy golden flower. Rooted in the 60s, get a whiff of The Dandelion: groovy reverb, floaty riffs and flourishing folk melodies, it’s wild and free and beckons you to join in.

Released not too long ago, his debut LP Strange Case Of The Dandelion is a field of folk and psychedelia you want to run though with arms wide open. Tangled in 60s psych, paisley patterns and garage rock, the potpourri of sounds wafts in with a Strange Case Opening. Short and sweet, its fluster of fuzz and flutes is enough to let the psychedelic aromas loose.

Whirling through the field, I Turned On As You Turned Around makes wreaths of peace and love that dancing flower children wear in organ blossoming Here Comes Love. But, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows. A weedy harmonica in Leaving It Behind Blues twirls us towards darker shades and cloudier vocals. Hay fever inducing grooves Paranoid Floyd in a Bliss You Can Hear and Toxic Flower Power & The Ascension To Infinity then free the most intoxicating psychedelic aromas yet and restore peace and love to the field. A garden bed of flower power beats that pollinate without restraint, these tracks seem wilder than a lot of other psych currently sprouting.

With his solo project in full flourish, Poulter has now gathered some hippy friends and started doing a bunch of live shows, recently supporting fellow psych wildflowers The Babe Rainbow (which take you through even trippier pastures). So, whilst we await more patchouli-scented beats, why not throw on your ugliest floral shirt and go get a good whiff of The Dandelion.

As of June 10th, the band have also had their self titled EP released as a 12″ through Bad Afro Records – grab a copy before they all get snapped up.


Thursday 24th

July @ The Forresters w/ The Grease Arrestor & Will Chittick



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