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Lately I have been taking more notice of Australian music, because it’s actually quite good. Genesis Owusu & Citizen Kay join as The Ansah Brothers who have equally loved rap since a young age. The brotherly duo had very different styles before pairing up after an impulsive collaboration. Their bond appears to be very strong.

Not even a third wheel could aid their sound. As the pair themselves confirm, their roots is what led to their strong bond today; “So we are The Ansah Brothers, comprised of two brothers (surprise) – Citizen Kay, 21, and Genesis Owusu, 17. Born in Ghana, West Africa, we moved to Australia in 2000. We grew from a music loving family, our dad always blasting Michael Jackson or Bob Marley, and our mum leading a church choir.”

The Ansah Borthers

With a strong bond to each other and their musical roots sibling rappers Citizen Kay and Genesis Owusu are tearing hip-hop up as The Ansah Brothers.

Breaking it down, each half of the Ansah Brothers has an important history. Citizen Kay is well known for being the less mature brother in theory when in actuality he is the eldest of the two. He delivers his words straight and in simple sentences. Doing so, he manages to come across as a forthright messenger, using his words very carefully. He likes to tend to the production side of the packaged deal. Kay developed a passion for rock, donning the guitar as his instrument, his biggest influence being the Red Hot Chili Peppers. After discovering Kanye West, and their cousin Miracle also beginning his rap career, his focus shifted towards hip-hop.

Genesis Owusu is known as someone who despite his age has always been mature lyrically and musically. This means that he is one step ahead of other voices in the game when he is able to so naturally transgress as an underdog rapper. With hidden metaphors and poetic gestures, his lyrics are infectious and speak volumes about his determination to succeed in the business. “I was like a sponge, soaking up the older brother’s interests and what not – he liked rock, I liked rock, he liked hip-hop, I liked hip-hop; but something I always had by my own accord was a passion for writing, whether it be stories, poems or whatever. Mixing with my then growing love for hip-hop, the story writing turned into song writing, and some three or four years after Kay’s start, I started rapping too in 2011 or so.”

With intricate lyricism and an overly engaging style of new hip-hop, The Ansah Brothers are excited to be representing a new brand to Australia and the rest of the world. Their great ambitions are thought to help they get to this level while dominating their own individual side projects on the side.

The brothers have the kind of bond that bands dodn’t usually have. Says Genesis of their fateful origin “One day in 2012, Kay was making this track and I walked past and out of nowhere he’s just like “hey, jump on this track” – I agreed (and ended up writing the verse in a public toilet – fun fact) then boom, we had the song Ansah Brothers. Not too long after that, dude who works for ABC and now a good friend of ours, Nic Vevers hit us up asking if he could shoot a video for the song – we agreed, then boom, we have a super sleek music video. Up til that point we were always the Ansah brothers but after that video we were like The Ansah Brothers y’know; it started rolling.”

With their music and their story being so personal, these guys know how to communicate their sound and story through fluid storytelling and both having such charismatic characters, the best quality for a humble musician.

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April 29, 2015