WATCH: The Lemon Twigs ‘Golden Years’

The Lemon Twigs’ latest release, ‘My Golden Years,’ is a beach-infused power-pop gem exuding the band’s signature cool-as-fuck vibe

The musical year kicks off with The Lemon Twigs’ latest single, ‘My Golden Years.’ If there ever was an anthem to start the year on the right note, this is it.

The sibling duo from New York, known for their sophisticated pop sound, delivers this hella infectious gem as their first release since the well-received 2023 LP, ‘Everything Harmony.’

Staying true to their musical roots, The Lemon Twigs exhibit their knack for crafting original tunes, further establishing their presence in rock ‘n’ roll after the success of last year’s stellar album.

Far from slowing down, they enter 2024 with a touch of beach boys-infused magic, nodding to their influences while keeping their sound fresh and distinctive.

Described by the brothers as a power-pop anthem, ‘My Golden Years’ encourages making every minute count and living up to one’s potential.

Drawing inspiration from The Beach Boys, the energy of Raspberries, and the 12-string textures reminiscent of The Byrds, the track carries a postive spirit: “making every minute count and living up to your potential.” They Lemon Twigs continue, joking that, “in that sense I think that people like Mark Ruffalo or people who hike might like the song. Or it could be good while you’re working out.

The accompanying music video, directed by Ambar Navarro and shot across Los Angeles, offers a down-to-earth reflection on the highs and lows of pursuing a musical career.

The ‘My Golden Years’ video is about looking back at the good old days, and the highs and lows of trying to make it as a band. We wanted to incorporate situations like being broke and getting kicked out while being playful and humorous about it.

When you’re trying to make it as an artist there’s this vulnerability of putting yourself out to constant rejection that can be tough, but the band finds their full peace and freedom in performing in an open field.

The Lemon Twigs have delivered not just a power-pop track paying homage to their influences but a relatable reflection on life’s journey, challenges, and the pursuit of one’s potential.

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