The Library of Congress just made thousands of archival photos available for “use and reuse”

The Library of Congress has just made thousands of photos, posters and image copyright free – so go download yourself a hi-res pic of President Lincoln for that history assignment.

The Library has recently unveiled a digital collection of various “Free to Use and Reuse Sets.” Check out Billie Holiday posing with her very good boy in the’Dogs’ set for a taste.

library of congress

Eye over photos of Billie Holiday posing with a very good boy, or jazz greats sweating it out in underground music bars – the Library of Congress has just made thousands of image free for “use and reuse.”

The library of Congress is one of America’s oldest and most venerated institutions, housing millions of relics which it has been collecting since it was established in 1800.

It collects a hefty 12,000 items daily – yes, you read that correctly – including various ‘culturally significant’ albums from David Bowie, N.W.A. and others.

The library’s collections “are universal, not limited by subject, format, or national boundary, and include research materials from all parts of the world and in more than 450 languages.”

The LOC believes that these images are copyright free, or at least copyright expired, so rest assured the US Copyright Office won’t be chasing you like a pack of wolves if you decide to use any.


Via Open Culture.