Turns out Kanye West could now be facing election fraud

ICYMI, Kanye West is running as a candidate for the US Presidential Election in 2020. It was always gonna be tough, considering he hasn’t had any experience in politics before, but entering the race later than the other political candidates has made it even harder for him. Consequently, he’s been forced to scramble together as many names as possible over the past few weeks onto remaining state ballot papers. His first presidential campaign was equally as chaotic.

But if he wasn’t already, it looks like Kanye could really be in the shit now, facing potential legal ramifications due to fraudulent signatures being filled out at ballot boxes in Illinois and New Jersey.

Kanye West could be faced with a complex electoral legal dispute concerning the legitimacy of signatures on state ballot papers in both Illinois and New Jersey.

In order to be considered an Independent nominee in the Illinois state, Kanye required at least 2,500 written signatures by July 20. West reportedly filed 3,218 names. Of those signatures, 1,928 were ruled invalid by a state election’s board review, leaving him in a legal dispute that could jeopardise his campaign entirely.

Kanye is “virtually certain to be kicked off the ballot”, noted Ed Mullen, a lawyer challenging West, as reported by the Chicago Tribune.

A similar questioning of Kanye’s legitimacy occurred in New Jersey, where an election lawyer raised eyes at 700 of the 1,327 signatures. The disputed signatures have left him in a tricky legal situation that could be far more complex than he may have thought.

But is Kanye really making much sense anyway these days? Some of his radical views – everything from anti-vax beliefs to pro-life tips – came out in a recent thoroughly cooked interview with Forbes. Kanye’s friends and family continue to remain concerned by the antics of his political candidacy and publicised views, believing he “is in desperate need of professional help and in the middle of a serious bipolar episode”.

Nevertheless, Kanye’s lawyers have until August 28 to defend the Chicago rapper’s legitimacy. All we can say is good luck, Kanye!