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The Offshore’s new single Touch The Sky epitomises a sun-soaked Australian summer

The Offshore deliver bright, summery beach vibes on their debut single Touch the Sky.

The single opens with a tight, jam-like intro from the band. Immediately, we feel like we’re on the beach playing volleyball on a scorcher of a day, with salt and sweat crystallising on our skin.


“We really think we represent the modern day Australian culture.” The Offshore take us back to those endless, sun-soaked days spent on the beach with their bright debut single Touch the Sky.

“The music generally comes from experimental jams at rehearsal. Someone will share an idea they’ve been working on and everyone will feel the groove and put their pieces to it,” says guitarist Luke Bonnici.

Hailing from Melbourne, The Offshore’s members met as kids and struck solid friendships that come though in their music – Touch the Sky sounds like a bunch of dudes having a really good time and not taking themselves too seriously.

They sing about “sipping Jager with a chaser,” escaping from the claustrophobia of the city and hanging out at the lake with their friends. We’ve all been there, and it’s hard to blame them for writing a song about it.

“Our music is great for a day at the beach, sipping on beers or just listening to at home.”

Thankfully, these legends are working on new material that they hope to release soon. We just hope they’ll do it in time for us to play it on those day-long trips to the beach!


Touch the Sky is available now on all streaming platforms.


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November 8, 2018