The making of Driving My Ute, as told by Buddy Dingo

The making of Driving My Ute, as told by Buddy Dingo

If you haven’t given yourself a few minutes to watch Buddy Dingo’s ripper new clip Driving My Ute yet, you’re doing yourself a disservice. Plain and simple, it’s an Australian treasure in the making.

Keen to hear a little more about how this gem came about, we asked the artist for his two cents. Take it away, Buddy.

buddy dingo driving my ute

One thing we can all agree on is that Buddy Dingo’s new clip is a winner. We asked the man himself to share how it came together, shot by shot.

Things ya need to put together a top notch video for ya bogan song about ya ute:

1. A ute (1999 Mitsubishi Triton)
2. Box of ‘cold’ hot chips
3. Choccy milk (RIP Moove)
4. A video camera and tripod (strapped down to the back of the ute)
5. A bloody great director named George-Alex Nagle
6. A hunk to be in the opening and closing scenes

For those who have seen the clip already, you will have noticed at 1:13 there’s a bloke who goes to walk across the zebra crossing outside the Henson Park Hotel. He drops his 24 pack of Mount Franklin water all over the ground.

For the record, he isn’t a paid actor, or someone we know. It was the film clip gods giving us some solid footage. If you do know him, I would love to get in contact and buy him a years supply of water for his efforts!

Anyways so we strapped a camera on a tripod to the tray at the back of the ute and camouflaged it with garage bags so no one knew what we were doing!

We also had a mobile app so we could see what bonza or rotten footage we were getting.

We spent two days driving around Sydney and The Illawarra trying to get a variety of footage that matched the song’s three verses about driving ya ute down the coast, out bush and in the big smoke.

For those of ya playing at home, here is a list in order of appearance of the streets and locations that made the final cut:

Horton St – Marrickville
Charles St – Marrickville
Illawarra Rd – Marrickville
Marrickville Rd – Marrickville
Liberty St – Enmore
Carrington St – Marrickville
Garden St- Marrickville – All Band Shots (Throughout Clip)
Trafalgar St – Stanmore
Richardsons Cres – Marrickville
Marrickville Golf Course
Schwebel Rd
Bellevue St – Glebe
Illawarra Rd – Marrickville
Enmore Rd – Enmore
City West Link – Rozelle
James Craig Rd – Rozelle
Illawarra Rd – Marrickville
The Crescent – Rozelle
Pyrmont Bridge Rd – Annandale
Under The Anzac bridge – Pyrmont
Parramatta Rd – Annandale
Walker St – North Sydney
Glebe Point Rd – Glebe
Illawarra Rd outside Henson (bloke dropping bottles) 1.13
Princes Highway– Sylvania
Tom Ugly’s Bridge – Sylvania
Royal National Park Entry Gate
Royal National Park various roads and tracks
Lane Cove Tunnel – Lane Cove
M2 Motorway Tunnel – Epping
Lane Cove Tunnel – Lane Cove
Lawrence Hargrave Dr – Sea Cliff Bridge – Clifton
Lawrence Hargrave Dr – Coalcliff
Lane Cove Tunnel – Lane Cove
ANZAC Bridge
Ewart St – Dulwich Hill
Lawrence Hargrave Dr – Coalcliff
Bundeena wharf – Bundeena
Carrington Rd – Marrickville
Royal National Park dirt track
Liverpool St – Bundeena
New Canterbury Rd Budget Petrol Station – Petersham
Bundeena (Near Campsites)
Royal National Park
Bundeena Wharf – Bundeena
Sea Cliff bridge – Clifton
Lawrence Hargrave Dr – Coalcliff
Otford lookout – Otford

The band shots where taken on Garden St in Marrickville. We thought on a Thursday nite that it would be a quiet little spot. This wasn’t the case aye.

If ya looking to buy ‘vitamins’ in bulk from a discrete warehouse location and ya new to town, this is the place ya looking for.

So that’s basically it! It was a bonza two days driving my ute around, which I obviously love doing or I wouldn’t have written a song about it. It was grouse working with George-Alex Nagle who is a very talented bloke who thought of the idea and made it happen.

Anyways, hope ya enjoy the clip as much as I enjoy this view in the closing scene and please remember never to overtake anyone on a blind corner on a bridge at high speeds just to impress people in a video clip.

Cheers mates.

Buddy Dingo’s new 7″ I Love My Backyard / Driving My Ute is available now. Check it out here.

Tour Dates

Oct 24th – Cambridge Hotel, Newcastle
Oct 25th – Lansdowne Hotel, Sydney
Oct 26th – UOW Unibar Strawberry Boogie, Wollongong
Oct 28th – Transit Bar, Canberra
Nov 10th – Psyched As 1000 Festival, Marrickville
Nov 17th – Staves Brewery, Glebe (7″ Launch)

Grab all the info here.