The new Blade Runner 2049 trailer is even darker than the first and we’re getting pumped

A few months ago, the first trailer for Blade Runner 2049 was released and we were hooked right away.

With Jóhann Jóhannsson taking care of the soundtrackArrival director Denis Villeneuve helming the film, and Ridley Scott pumping cash into production, it’s shaping up to be an absolute winner; and the latest trailer 100% confirms that.

Blade Runner

The newest trailer for Blade Runner 2049 is here and we’re getting extremely pumped. Check it out in all its glory below.

At two-and-a-half minutes long, there’s plenty to glean from the new trailer, which premiered yesterday on Good Morning America.

While it rehashes a few snippets from previous trailers – Harrison Ford pointing a gun at Ryan Gosling, giant holograms and a dystopian future Los Angeles – there are heaps of new scenes that fans will no doubt be scrutinising frame by frame.

The new trailer features Jared Leto’s character more than before, and it is made quite clear that he’s the film’s key antagonist. It also show heaps of new locations outside of LA, mostly of post-apocalyptic wastelands.

Check it out below and then try to put it out of your mind for the next few months; Blade Runner 2049 isn’t out until October.