The legendary Prophet-5 synthesizer is making a comeback

The legendary Prophet-5 synth is making a comeback

The iconic American synthesizer company Sequential has announced the reintroduction of the revered Prophet-5 polysynth.

The Prophet-5 from Sequential enjoys a cult following quite unlike any other synthesizer. Since its initial release in 1978, the Prophet-5 has perhaps become the most beloved and fiercely sought after synthesizer in existence. There have only been 6000 units of the Prophet-5 made across its various production runs.

The Prophet-5 was the first fully programmable polyphonic synthesiser and the first to come with an embedded microprocessor. It lay the framework for all polyphonic synths to follow and is widely regarded as amongst the best synthesizers ever made. It’s been replicated in innumerable plugins, but now, the original is back.

Sequential Prophet 5 side view

It shouldn’t come as a shock that Sequential’s recent announcement of a reissued Prophet-5 has got a lot of synth enthusiasts very excited. The new Prophet-5 embodies the best aspects of the three previous versions, including the genuine Curtis analog VCOs from version 3 and 2140 low-pass filters from the first two versions.

An especially exciting development is the inclusion of new features such as USB and MIDI, helping it to easily slot into a modern workflow. Velocity sensitivity and aftertouch are also welcome inclusions. 

To find out more, head on over to the Sequential website and watch the video below, featuring Sequential’s mastermind, Dave Smith.