Jaws soundtrack to be released on vinyl this year, and apparently the 1975 version was a fake

It’s no secret that the Academy Award-winning Jaws is one of the most iconic film soundtracks of all time. It is a secret, however, that the Jaws soundtrack that pressed in 1975 was in fact illegitimate. 

The new 2XLP version presents the full score of as composed and recorded for the actual film itself.

Although the actual difference is still in question, rest assured that the newest Jaws edition is restored, edited and mixed by co-producer Mike Matessino, with Mondo’s original artwork. 

That’s right, even though it received a reissue on Geffen two years ago, it wasn’t actually the real deal. Apparently, the 1975 version was actually a re-recording.

So it’s comforting to know (if anything about this movie can even be considered comforting) that the legitimate version is getting its first proper vinyl release this October. 

jaws soundtrackYou can pre-order here.

Via The Vinyl Factory.