The Preatures frontwoman Isabella Manfredi speaks against lockout laws at NSW music hearing

Since being introduced in early 2014, Sydney’s lockout laws have done fair whack of damage to the local music scene.

Now, the state government are conducting an enquiry into the extent of the damage caused by the laws over the past four years.

“It’s a laughing stock; that’s really the crux of it”: The Preatures frontwoman Isabella Manfredi slams Sydney’s controversial lockout laws at NSW Music Hearing.

Yesterday, alongside ARIA CEO Dan Rosen, The Preatures frontwoman Isabella Manfredi took to court to discuss the ways in which the lockout laws have directly altered the city’s nightlife and music scene.

Manfredi noted that the controversial laws have gained notoriety on a global scale, explaining that the laws are frequently brought up in discussion on international tours.

It’s a laughing stock; that’s really the crux of it… it’s become an international joke,” she says.

People are aware of it all over the world, which is surprising.”

The vocalist also explained the importance of local venues, attributing the success of her own band – The Preatures – to the amount of venues that existed in the area prior to the introduction of the laws.

Rosen expressed a similar view, saying: “You go from playing to your friends to 50 people to 100 people to 500, 1,000, 10,000, and you need venues of all those sizes to be able to pursue that.”

Isabella is a wonderful example of someone who did come through grassroots Sydney and has developed into one of our great national acts and has an international presence and we want to make sure that the Preatures of 2018 will still exist.”

Via The Music.