Premiere: The Pretty Littles – Tegan Victoria

Tegan. I Love you Tegan Victoria” is how we are brazenly greeted on the latest from Melbourne’s The Pretty Littles. Tegan Victoria is a bloody powerhouse of a love song that the band have been kind enough to share with you and me and almost certainly Tegan herself.

the pretty littles

AH LOVE YOU. AH LOVE YOUUU TEEEGAAN VICTOOOORRRIIAAAAAAAA. Listen to the The Pretty Littles latest track – premiering right here on Happy!

It’s a love song for smoking darts outside bars, a love song for walking barefoot on suburban asphalt, a love song for milk crates and watching sports that require short shorts, a love song for everything The Pretty Littles stand for, and it would be downright strange if it was any other way. Even if it isn’t the most eloquent of sonnets, it’s pretty damn accurate – as I’m writing this, I’m thinking of clever things to text my own Tegan Victoria, cause I want her to come see Flyying Colours* tonight.

After digging a little deeper, it turns out the real Tegan Victoria, the face that launched a thousand Ford Falcons, donated $150 to The Pretty Littles last pozible campaign – which meant she got a song written about her. It was originally to be titled I Am Tegan Victorious and was gonna be about how she was ‘good at stuff’, but I’d like to think that perhaps their love runs deeper than… oh, who am I kidding, it’s all about the clams. Girls, if you want a love song written about you, merely being good at stuff is no longer enough – know now that you gotta have the dough to back it up.

The Pretty Littles are headlining the Northcote Social Club on the 8th of August and The Standard Bowl here in Syd on the 23rd of August. Make sure to catch their unmissable energy and a couple of new tunes that they’re putting onto what they’re calling a ‘double B side’ release. Ha!



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*My contract states that I need to fulfill a quota of Flyying Colours mentions – once a week is the current figure.