The Raconteurs’ new album Help Us Stranger is finally here

Ever since The Raconteurs (aka The Saboteurs) released their mouthwatering new single, Help Me Stranger, we knew that we were in for a special record.

Now, after almost a decade since their last full album, the band’s 12-track revival, Help Us Stranger, takes us to new tonal levels with a flavourful combination of Jack White and the bluesy backing of his traditional rock band.

The Raconteurs recently performed on the hallowed grounds of Byron’s Bluesfest, and are now well and truly in touring mode as they make their way up North through the United States towards Canada.

Instrumentation is unique on this album. Tracks like Thoughts and Prayers bring together the traditional Saboteurs rock sound, with Pink Floydlike vocal harmonies, and folky fiddle vibes. Sunday Driver allows Jack White’s squealing lead guitar the freedom to soar above and beyond the master track, including a stable rhythm section and rich Beatles harmonies.

The star of the show is unquestionably Help Me Stranger, and it is no surprise that the band released the track as a single in anticipation of this record. Beautifully crafted, gritty, and melodically marvellous, the song is a warm comfort to the ears of longtime Raconteurs listeners (and Jack White fans).

We’re seeing The Raconteurs keep one hand on the steering wheel, with the other reaching into the unknown. I think our next port of call is an impromptu trip to North America to chase the band on tour…