The Raconteurs have released a new single, Help Me Stranger

The Raconteurs’ new single Help Me Stranger is hot off the press, and ready to blow your sound buds away.

The track provides yet another glimpse into the band’s longly awaited new album, Help us Stranger, which will be released through Jack White’s personal record company, Third Man Records on June 21. The new album will end The Raconteur’s 10-year hiatus since their last album.

Do not be concerned if your sound system starts acting-up after 29 seconds. The Raconteurs are about to transport your senses to a classically Jack White, grungy-bluesy musical revelation.

Help Me Stranger‘s music video was filmed in Kimitsu Japan by Yasuhiko Shimizu. The video conflates green-tinged and hazy scenes of Jack White cutely playing with a baby, the band jamming and posing for photos together. Shimizu does well to marry the punchy, rhythmic and distorted audio, with its visual counterpart. For fans, both new and old, this video is well worth the watch.

Previous tracks from the new album include, Now That You’re Gone, Sunday Driver, and the 1965 Donovan song cover, Hey Gyp (Dig the Slowness).

For our lucky friends in North America, the Raconteurs kick off their tour in Detroit on July 12. Third Man Records. There are some shows in Europe prior to that, and you can check out the band’s complete touring schedule here.