The Red Plastic Buddha – Songs for Mara

Chicago psychedelic rockers the Red Plastic Buddha are back with release number three! The band has been putting out their own brand of psychedelic rock since 2007, and this time round the band have developed and refined their sound further, resulting in something more settled and mature.

red plastic buddha

Chicago psychedelic rockers The Red Plastic Buddha combine all the best sounds of the 60’s to create one their best release yet!

Once again the band mix all kinds of sounds and styles into their music including post-punk, shoe-gaze, and 60s pop, with a genius dose of psychedelica poured all over the album. This time everything fits even better than before with the poppy and experimental elements all working together in harmony allowing each others strengths and differences to be realised. This truly is no mean feat given the strength of the Buddha’s previous two works!

The album opens with the aptly titled She’s An Alien. Mixing elements of space/prog and shoegaze rock, the tune produces a hazy atmosphere that takes you far away into outta space. This is matched with heavy and energetic riffs allowing the song to charge further into space.

Little White Pills takes the journey further into the spacey psychedelic direction with a solid post-punk backbone. There is an eerie yet intriguing vibe with the dark gritty post punk undertones contrasting with the vivid flowery atmosphere floating on top!

Being Human strips the atmosphere away and takes on a minimalist folk form. Tim’s soft and subdued vocals provide a bare narrative that feels vulnerable and uncertain. This combined with the deep articulate lyrics creates something that is truly moving and very thought provoking.

Go brings the rock back into the mix. The slow, slightly distorting guitar brings in a thick rock vibe making you feel like you are in a crowded bar. This gets further enhanced come chorus time with the energy and the shouting both lifting!

House Is Not A Motel has a late 60s rock feel in the vein of the Easybeats or The Zombies. There is a catchy poppy vibe throughout with some subtle psychedelic sounds added for good measure.

Trap Inside This House is a hard hitting rock and roll tune sounding like a rawer and gritty version of The Animals, complete with cool keyboard and guitar solos.

Girlfriend has a late Beatles feel to it with some great energetic pop elements mixed with experimental spacey vibes filling in the gaps.

Cosmonaut and Girl Like You sound like they could have been recorded in the 60s. There is the surf-like rock and roll vibe with outer space detours, courtesy of a psychedelic keyboard.

The album closes with the hard rock sounds of Stuck On Zero.

The Red Plastic Buddha have continued to enhance their sound, continuing to explore new ideas while also managing to package them up in accessible packages! The band has already put out some amazing music through their debut EP Sunflower Sessions and album All Out Revolution, but this latest offer by far surpasses those!



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