The Ron Swansons dish out some blistering garage rock on their debut EP

Music By Mates, For Mates. I guess that pretty much sums up what Brisbane’s garage punk group The Ron Swansons are all about; and before you ask, yes the band is in an odd way paying homage to Ron Swanson from the hit TV series Parks and Recreation. Anyway, enough about Ron Swanson, you want to hear about The Ron Swansons (gosh this is confusing), the band who have been causing a fair ruckus around Brisbane for the past year or two, having had the honour of opening for DZ Deathrays on their most recent tour alongside Hockey Dad and Bass Drum of Death

The Ron Swansons

If you enjoy getting sweaty in the mosh then bully for you, Brisbane garage act The Ron Swansons deliver the hard hitting guitar fix you need on C.C Babcock

The group’s debut EP entitled C.C. Babcock (Yep, as in C.C Babcock from the TV sitcom, The Nanny), recently hit the shelves and man, do I recommend it. If the goofy tittle of both the band and the EP don’t make you a tad curious about these guys, there is so much more to them that will. Sure, The Ron Swansons may appear somewhat trivial, but after one run-through of the EP, “trivial” doesn’t come close to what these guys offer. Admittedly, when I first heard the name of the band, as well as their EP title, I was genuinely expecting to hear a concoction of ridiculously outlandish subject matters. Much to my surprise C.C Babcock is a coherent and mature debut – if punk music could ever be called coherent or mature.

Shady Veil is the opening track on the EP, and deservingly so. It packs a punch right from the get go with ecstatic drum rhythms and anthem-worthy punk chants which set an abrasive tone for the rest of the EP. Shady Veil is an extremely catchy piece of messy rock n roll, notably inspired by garage rockers such as Royal Headache and Fucked Up.

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Dead In My Bed is the second single taken from the EP, bringing four minutes of even catchier garage punk ruckus. The track is utterly irresistible and only gets better as it progresses. By the time you reach the half way mark it’s safe to assume you’ll be confidently frolicking around town, half naked, resembling a mad man wondering why isn’t anyone else on your level. Jokes aside this piece of ear-candy kicks serious ass and deserves multiple listens.

If you’re an admirer of the messy garage punk movement Down Under, I’d strongly suggests you give C.C Babcock a devoted listen. And if you choose otherwise, you will most likely see them raiding your local bar/pub/club in the near future anyway, in which case you will be mere fish in a mosh who’s fate rests in the dire grips of The Ron Swansons.

Now to end this informative review here’s a Swanson quote right out of Parks and Recreation: “Fishing relaxes me. It’s like yoga except I get to kill something”.



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