The Ties That Bind – Stuart Coupe weighs in on why building a good team is so important

Some of the most interesting people in an industry are the one’s who aren’t standing in the limelight. When you think of Australian music your mind will no doubt drum up images of Angus Young duck walking across a stage tapping on a Gibson SG. Or perhaps the great Warumpi Band led by formidable front man George Rrurrambu. Stuart Coupe is one such prolific fellow in the Australian music community, and even if you’re not familiar with his name you’ll recognise his work immediately. He’s been involved with labels, management, radio, is a published author and a genuine music enthusiast.

Stuart Coupe Happy Mag

As a journalist, radio presenter, manager and label man Stuart Coupe is an accomplished man in the music biz.

Iconic Aussie musicians Hoodoo Gurus and Paul Kelly both were managed by Coupe back in the day, and he has continued to foster the best in new music on his regular programs on FBi and 2SER. As an author Coupe put his many years of experience and astute eye for detail to work for his books Gudinski, a look into the rise of Mushroom head Michael Gudinski, and The Promoters, an insight into the world of some of Australia’s most influential promoters and their influence on the local scene.

And then of course there is his efforts running a label. Laughing Outlaw Records was started by Coupe in 1999 as a record and management company with one clear goal, for music fans to release music for other fans.Since then Laughing Outlaw have released more than 150 albums before finding a new home in Tasmania. Whilst sporadically releasing new music its catalogue is very much active and every record released under the LOR umbrella will be lodged with the National Film and Sound Library in 2016.

We’re very excited to share that Stuart Coupe will be contributing to the first issue of Happy Mag with his article The Ties That Bind, a piece on the many facets and implications of the manager / artist / label relationship. Be sure to check out his full piece!