The Vernons premiere the heartbreaking video for I Want Her Back At Home

The world of modern-blues has taken a significant turn for the better in recent times, with a flood of extreme talent reviving the genre and making it something of their own. And Aussie blues-rockers The Vernons have done just that and more with their latest single I Want Her Back At Home, highlighting each members sublime musicianship, proving all the more that they’re one of the best rising blues-inspired bands the country has to offer.

The Vernons

The Vernons are among the best blues-rock Australia has to offer, and the proof lies in the their heartbreaking new track I Want Her Back At Home.

Since the release of their latest EP Volume II, The Vernons have allowed audiences a glimpse at their staggering musical growth. It is evident that the band have initiated their very own take on a sound that is now only slightly reminiscent to the likes of The Black Keys and Jack White, as opposed to their earlier recordings that somewhat struggled to break away from the shackles of influences to form something unique and self composed.

Produced by the renowned Louie Shelton I Want Her Back At Home provides deep lyricism, uninhibited guitar interplay and rhapsodic vocals all of which are portrayed beautifully and artistically in the film directed by Aidan Gale. The clip begins with the sound of raindrops and the sight of stormy weather, a silent room and a record player and subsequently follows the actions of two lovers who have departed, and are now pondering on the highs and lows of their relationship (a concept that seems all too relatable).

Like their video for White Wine a gorgeous girl gets the top spot, yet this time round it’s not all sex appeal… Its good acting, tasteful directing, and all round heart wrenching… enough to get plenty of feels emerging, and lord knows when that natural lighting hits James’ guitar and perfectly sculpts its defined body, the world will become a better place, even if it’s just for that one beautiful moment.

The highlight of both the video and song is most definitely when the bridge arises, as vocals intensify, tension hits its peak and the most powerful of scenes is led into a brilliant ending. I must admit I was swarmed with a bout of goose-bumps whilst watching…which means that I’m either emotionally fragile or that the video and the band’s complimentary aptitude were providing all the right emotions to get a grown gal like me to shed a tear!

The Vernons are currently recording material for their upcoming EP due for release this May or June, and although there have been no comments on the matter, us Sydney locals can only hope they make their way back down from QLD to show us what the contemporary blues are all about!

Also, does anyone else think Jonny Nyst is the doppelganger of a young Jason Segal circa ’99, or is it just me?!



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