The Watershed explore the unconventional on new single ‘Dark Desire’

The Watershed have just released Dark Desire, the first single from their upcoming sophomore album Planets Away.

Dark Desire slowly opens itself up like a blooming flower, revealing dark and intimate self truths and philosophies that are both deeply personal and universally relatable.

the watershed

The latest single delivered by The Watershed delves deep, a complex exploration of hope that consumes you through the track’s entirety. 

The Watershed has worked hard to meticulously combine acoustic instrumentation with elements of avant-garde music, baroque pop, and psychedelic folk, creating a stirring ambience throughout the track. Kim O’Connor then adds her dreamy and melodic vocals which transforms the track into an introspective journey through the mind.

The Watershed are no strangers to the dark. Through unique lyrical sensibilities, Dark Desire explores a battle to defeat the storms which rage inside ourselves, asserting that rather than letting go, we should continue fighting to find peace finally.

The duo utilises triggered guitar percussion and sampled synths to create pulses and echoes which imitate a devoted, yet anxious sense of energy. While many aspects of the track sound synthetic in nature, it is The Watershed’s aim to surprise, with most of the track’s obscure sounds being created with an acoustic guitar. 

The Watershed’s unconventional approach to music reaches further than this, with the duo never writing or recording in the room together. Conversely, their songs bounce back and forth between different parts and styles until the song settles into its own ‘space’. 


Dark Desire is out now.